Produce News
Written by Steve Del Masso - President   


Welcome Spring! Except for the “clock” thing spring is going well. Transitions back home are very smooth this year. Tree Fruit has an early set which could mean an early Fruit season. Temperatures have been favorable but we are not sure of the sizing yet as that has a lot to do with irrigation. The first plantings of our row crops should be strong. We anticipate a lot coming on at the same time with maybe even some price breaks.

Easter comes early this year but we’ll have plenty of Veggies. Predictions are that Asparagus will be a little pricey but of good local quality. With up to 75% less acreage planted on certain crops we will have to be a little creative this year.

Another factor playing into Produce issues is Mexico. Over the last decade or so the wages in Mexico have gone from $3.00 a day to nearly $10.00 a day. Probably going to be a run on new cars. Labor strikes are on the way. The lack of workers comp and other benefits are in the mix as well as the ten hour workday.

How about a “what if”??? What if the drought continues and we need to move 75% of our crops to Mexico and what if Mexican wages rise to match ours? Prices could become interesting. Sometime it’s the struggles of others that make us grateful for what we have.

On another note, the dirty dozen lists are out again. The “Dirty Dozen” list is a publication created by uneducated, selfish and self-centered, non- scientific morons who wish to create hysteria to slander conventionally grown produce. If you would like to know how I really feel on this subject, give me a call.

Chefs Delight Specialty Products


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Once again we do it your way, the only limitation is your imagination. Please take a moment to view pictures and descriptions in our Chefs Delight product line.

Were offer an extensive line of fruits and vegetables including washed greens and salad mixes that can be sliced, diced, julienned, chopped, cubed, mixed or blended. We also offer retail products of salsa blends and guacamole.