Produce News
Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

A little over 8% of this year is gone already. I wonder – did time seem like it was flying fifty years ago? We couldn’t ask for a better come back rain year. For the most part, with the storms coming every 3-4 days it has been manageable. Our reservoirs have all improved and have a chance of filling. To fill our California reservoirs we need 150% of normal rain fall. We’re running at about 110%, a nice start. Still to come are February and March, usually good wet months here and maybe April as well. My house runs off well water and just in the last 3 months we can notice a quality improvement. Wet years are always a double edged sword, we need it but somewhere there will be a downside.

No great problems yet but there is a little grumbling about planting delays. Whatever problems there might be, we would have been in a world of hurt if these rains had not come. Washington and the Oregon Color Potato crops were running a little lean in numbers due to weather conditions, but then along came Canada. Good news right? Wrong. Supply problems have been eased but so has the value of the dollar which seems to have put Canada at a trade advantage. Good for consumers not so much for the growers.

All indications are that our dining experience will continue to see more Produce on the plates. Healthier choices are being made, schools and health care pushing nutrition and local farm support - all are here to stay. No complaint here at Bay Cities! At the center of all dining experiences there’s a chef, an owner, or a dietician with an idea. With some trial and error, costing and nutritional work up, a meal is born. Plate presentation is huge, in many cases a work of art.

Why do Fruits or Veggies soar in popularity? It doesn’t just happen. I ate Kale as a kid; it’s what we had in the cold months. It’s what went in soup. So what has changed for Kale to be in such demand today? Timing helps but the customer must be willing to try, the plate must look enticing and be presented well by a knowledgeable server. It must be full of flavor, local and good for you too. You’re right, it’s all luck. A healthy eating trend can be piggy backed on, but it’s a trend. We are fortunate to live in time where there is so much talent in the kitchens that trends become main stream

Chefs Delight Specialty Products


Chefs Delight Chefs Delight is a 39 year tradition of customer service in value added fruits and vegetables. We started with two knives and have grown to over 30.

Although we sell generic mixed salads and slaws, our success has been through going out to our customers kitchens and duplicating their various blends and custom cuts. Our goal is to help reduce storage space, save labor costs and deliver consistent product to our customers exact specifications. We adhere to the strictest of safe food handling guidelines and regulations.

Once again we do it your way, the only limitation is your imagination. Please take a moment to view pictures and descriptions in our Chefs Delight product line.

Were offer an extensive line of fruits and vegetables including washed greens and salad mixes that can be sliced, diced, julienned, chopped, cubed, mixed or blended. We also offer retail products of salsa blends and guacamole.