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Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

The race out of California is on and we’re into full transition mode. Harvesting of Lettuce crops should be in full swing in Arizona with Veggies south of the border. The perfect scenario would have California overflowing with late crops, Arizona coming on early and Mexican growers chomping at the bit to go up north.

Well, due to weather, water and labor problems California had anything but a stellar year. Our friends down south were hammered by storms in late September and the first part of October, putting a damper on an early start there. Arizona is not looking too bad but it will be pressured to harvest some crops a bit early due to demand. This could leave some December gaps but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other weather-related setbacks we heard about but may not have paid particular attention to were the floods in Texas and South Carolina. Texas is a major growing area for row crops and Citrus as well for the mid-west and east coast.

South Carolina is one of the nation’s largest Yam producers with crop loses already around $400 million. It might not be a good idea to volunteer to bring the Yam casserole this Thanksgiving. Then there’s Patricia. Hurricane Patricia. With over 200 mph winds it is the largest storm in history to hit the Mexican gulf. I have no idea what we have done wrong but I promise to repent! During extreme conditions like these I tend to think of the farmers. Whether their crops are in abundance or a total wipeout the same effort is involved. The same expense is incurred. And you get to work a seven day week!

Thank God for the generations of farmers who love what they do. Because of their efforts, we eat. We still haven’t heard of the damages to the crops.

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