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Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

Food Safety

Days ago it was only a dream, but last week we received worldwide recognition of our food safety achievements. An extremely comprehensive three day audit was performed by A.I.B.I. auditing services using the BRC European scheme. Head to toe, seed to fork, and every aspect of our business was reviewed as well as our suppliers. Even our employees were interviewed. It took more than 20 years and the dedication and group effort of the “best crew in the world” to achieve this recognition. To everyone here, you know we made Dad proud. Steve Del Masso President

Chefs Delight Specialty Products


Chefs Delight Chefs Delight is a 39 year tradition of customer service in value added fruits and vegetables. We started with two knives and have grown to over 30.

Although we sell generic mixed salads and slaws, our success has been through going out to our customers kitchens and duplicating their various blends and custom cuts. Our goal is to help reduce storage space, save labor costs and deliver consistent product to our customers exact specifications. We adhere to the strictest of safe food handling guidelines and regulations.

Once again we do it your way, the only limitation is your imagination. Please take a moment to view pictures and descriptions in our Chefs Delight product line.

Were offer an extensive line of fruits and vegetables including washed greens and salad mixes that can be sliced, diced, julienned, chopped, cubed, mixed or blended. We also offer retail products of salsa blends and guacamole.