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Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

California stone fruit. Started early and going strong!

The calendar tells us it’s June but the last few weeks have seemed more like January! Stone Fruit is coming on nicely as are Melons. It’s a bit too early to tell how long the season will last but we should enjoy it while we can!

There are lots of subtle changes going on that affect the way we purchase product, at least on the home front. It used to be that about 50% of produce retail sales was done through 10 corporations. Today it is four. A possible merger is Ahold and Delhaize. Who you ask? European based, this would make them number four in volume, worldwide. It all seems rather mundane until one realizes that four purchasing departments could control 70% of Produce bought for retail sales. Good thing? Bad thing? I have no idea!

The merger of Sysco and US Foods begs the same questions. This consolidated buying does have its advantages. One thing we have already noticed to some degree is packaging. We are seeing lots of standard clamshell packaging of Produce. Some pluses might be less handling of produce thus less bruising and potential cross contamination. Perhaps we’ll see some efficiency at the register. Standard packaging will eventually facilitate recalls. The downside, we’re going to miss the fondling of the produce. I understand the need for change, particularly in the litigious world of food borne illness. The fewer hands on the better and the bar-coding has tracing advantages.

We tend to digest these changes a little at a time. If we were to consider all the subtle changes at one time we’d probably flip out! How about those blasted stickers on fruit. Peeling one or two off at home is one thing but try taking off 300-400 stickers to made fruit salad!

With food safety being a top concern in the Produce world, we have seen demands tighten up for any growers who want to sell to the big guys. That has actually helped us here at Bay Cities as our requirements on our suppliers are more rigorous every year. Fortunately we are finding many farmers are already up to speed!

Steve Del Masso - President

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