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Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

I’m not ready for it to be September – my to-do list is still much too long but forge ahead we must. September is a great produce month with cream of the crop Tomatoes, Melons and Tree Fruit. It’s a bit lean the Salad and Veggie crops due to lack of water and intemperate growing conditions but overall we should have a great month.

September marks the beginning of transitions for many crops. Row crops will probably become lean first due to reduced plantings and we’ll start looking for alternate growing areas. Depending on Arizona and Mexican availabilities, supplies will be a bit of a question mark. Take advantage of California while you can! Push the Heirloom Tomatoes, Melons and Stone Fruit. Planning produce needs may be a little premature if we get the “El Nino” we’re hearing about. I hope it’s not all wishful thinking! If not, may we should plan for an Ark and not a menu.

Another topic of concern is the GMO issue. The FDA reaffirms its position on GMOs. The FDA is charged with the safety of our food whether or not the product contains GMOs. The position is - if it’s safe to eat it does not have to state “Contains GMOs.” Taking into consideration are things like allergens or non-plant crosses. Simplot’s non- browning Potato is a good example. There is a large demand for this product so the bio-techs have been busy. Cross breeding has been going on for millenniums – first by nature cross pollinating, then man played with grafting and planting different varieties near each other in hopes of changes. The thinking was that if nature caused Kale to become a Cabbage that was OK. If man caused changes by shaking pollen here and there that was probably acceptable. If the process could have happened in a thousand years anyway was hastened in a lab then we’ll consider it.

What the FDA is mostly concerned with is non-plant genes being introduced which could cause harm or cross- breeding which could introduce allergens (such as breeding Corn or Wheat with Tomatoes). The thought of a pig gene becoming part of a Tomato is a little scary! It seems the only ones left out of the GMO issue are you and me. Our voices need to be heard but first we need to have all the facts to make a decision.

Steve Del Masso - President

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