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Written by Steve Del Masso - President   

July went well for Produce production in spite of some weird weather patterns. The end of July saw Strawberries and Leaf Lettuces take a quality hit, mainly from mildew. The farmers' biggest problems, of course, are water and labor. According to most sources the water shortage may improve this year as a wet fall and winter are predicted. (Hope I didn’t just jinx that!)

Labor on the other hand needs a government fix. While we wait for the powers that be to agree on some type of immigration reform, crops will go unplanted. Many farms traded water grants to others to keep Tree Crops alive another year but labor was a harder fix. August, September and October are the most challenging months due to labor and water issues. Years back when the growers had abundant resources they’d take a fling and plant a third crop.

With the possibility of early rains and scarce labor many have chosen to play it close to the vest.California is the undisputed leader in U.S. Agriculture and it is also the number one leader in inflation. Finding an apartment in the Bay Area for under $1,000 is next to impossible. Recently there has been a big push to increase minimum wage in hopes of helping people cope with escalating costs.It’s a fact something needs to be done. If it were true that inflation is running at the rate of .5 - 1% a year, as the folks in D.C. tell us, why are costs so high? I have only questions, no answers.

I know that wages push costs upward and it becomes a vicious cycle. I fear no one has the answer. One thing I am pretty sure of is that in the near future we will see Produce prices inch up.

Ending with a couple of interesting items - Did you know the U.S. has reached an agreement - nearly worldwide - on organic principals? This is huge! And Blood Oranges soared nearly 200% in menu presence, and the newest craze on sandwiches is Kale and Habaneros.

Steve Del Masso - President

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